Consequences from power outages often result in damage to property and possessions, safety issues, discomfort, disruption to your daily life, and even hotel stays.  Apollo Heating & Cooling provides the perfect solution.  With a permanently installed backup generator, it won’t matter whether you’re without electric for an hour or days on end.  The transition of power is seamless, safe, and operation continues for as long as necessary.  You don’t need to be at home at the time, worry about refueling, or lose access to important appliances, such as sump pumps and HVAC equipment, when you need them most.  Our qualified technicians measure and determine the requirements of your residence, offer knowledgeable recommendations, and complete proper installation, ensuring years of reliability, and minimal maintenance.

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Apollo Heating & Cooling specializes in Generac Generators, offering a complete range of the most recognized and trusted products on the market.  We make certain you’re never stranded without power during times of severe weather in Suburbs of Detroit.  Generac Generators supply power directly to your home’s electrical system, for as long as necessary, and allow you to decide whether to power the entire home or prioritize appliances.  Our knowledgeable technicians meet your specifications and comply with all applicable safety and building codes.  Contact us at (586) 777-0990 for fast and dependable service [throughout] region.

Some of the many advantages of a Generac backup generator include:

  • Automatic power transfer for dependable and consistent operation, regardless of whether you are on the premises.
  • No need to refuel because the unit relies on an existing natural gas or liquid propane fuel source.
  • Immediate reaction to a power outage ensures that your Generac generator is up to capacity within seconds.
  • Continuing operation until utility power is restored, a backup generator allows you to go about your normal, daily routine, and even leave the house, with complete confidence.
  • Sudden power failures no longer put you at risk of damage to your home, appliances, or sensitive material.
  • You predetermine your requirements, powering the entire home or select appliances.
  • Apollo Heating & Cooling handles installation and service quickly, properly, and dependably.